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About Us

20060207-vase2v.jpgexquisitegrain-250.jpgMyrtlewood (Umbellularia Califonica), a member of the laurel family is America's most beautiful hardwood. Rarest of all woods, the Myrtlewood tree is found only in a limited area along the Southern Oregon / Northern California coastlines . The symetrical, broadleaf evergreen is peculiar from other evergreens due to its tiny white blossoms that appear annually. The coloring of the wood is unique varying from a sedate, satiny gray to riotous multi-colored grains of red, yellow, and brown with many burls and shapes in its grain. The grain is so interwoven that no distinct growth rings can be seen. The leaves give off a pungent, spicy odor that is strong - proof that it is myrtle. It takes a century or more for the Myrtle to grow to commercial size.

20050404-dsc-4483-lighthous.jpgProducts made from myrtlewood are often brilliantly colored with a rich, vibrant grain pattern - and are always unique.

You'll find only handcrafted products at the Rogue RIver Myrtlewood Shop. True craftsmanship is valued above all here on the Southern Oregon Coast, and if you don't see us hand-turning your myrtlewood bowl, you might find us sanding or finishing a platter or even producing one of our special lighthouses.

At the Rogue River Myrtewood Shop, you'll find us friendly and helpful. We are unique because we manufacture much of what we sell. When you visit - ask for a tour, see items in production and gain a better appreciation for Oregon Myrtlewood.

We specialize in manufacturing exquisite lighthouses. Many customers just stare at the pulsing light and smile. Others carefully select from the many different sizes in stock - offering you a variety to choose from. These unique lighthouses are perfect for special occasion gifts such as retirement or landmark anniversaries.

We also put a lot of our enegy into hand turning bowls, manufacturing cutting boards, and other kitchen tools.

You'll be proud to display and use your myrtlewood hand crafted product.

Even the daily-use Myrtlewood kitchen utensils and bowls are easily cared for with warm, soapy water followed by a soft cloth drying. Gently rub mineral or vegetable oil into the wood to restore it's luster and keep it moist.

Give our friendly staff a call - we'd be happy to answer any of your questions!